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Mechatronics - Generator Fuel Monitoring and Tracking

Epaging offers Remote Control Of Gensets With Fuel Monitoring Solutions with exceptional features.





Mechatronics provides telematic solutions with focus at remote fuel consumption monitoring and axle load monitoring.

Fuel Level Control:

The precise knowledge of the amount of fuel in the tank helps to optimize time and place of filling as well as prevent fuel thefts. Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor offers accurate fuel calculation and is compatible with most fleet tracking systems and hardware and software for data acquisition. We set ourselves the challenge in designing the fuel level sensor Dominator to provide a new level of capabilities.

Fuel Flow Control:

In many cases fuel flow measurement with the help of Eurosens fuel flowmeters is the most appropriate and cost-effective method for tracking actual fuel consumption. Mechatronics produces fuel flowmeters from Eurosens specifically designed to measure fuel consumption in vehicle fuel lines, agricultural machinery, diesel generators, ships, etc Eurosens flowmeters are available for different fuel rates – 100, 250, 500, 1500 l / h Unlike fuel level sensors in a tank, flow-type fuel flow sensors provide accurate fuel consumption figures (with an error of 1-2% of actual fuel consumption) under all operating conditions of the vehicle. We produce fuel consumption meters of an autonomous form with display as well.

Load Control:

Moving heavy vehicles on roads with axle load limits demands that drivers pay particular attention to the gravity distribution on the cargo platform. Otherwise, it cannot avoid penalties Therefore, for regulating fuel consumption, knowledge about the actual weight of the cargo is important. We offer two axle load management solutions-the first for air suspension vehicles, the second for spring suspension machines.

Cold Chain Monitoring:

The cold chain is very important when it comes to logistics. Cold chain goods like fresh foods, vaccines and the like are temperature sensitive so they need a constant temperature from the time they are manufactured until they are used. Wireless temperature sensor Consists of receiver and transmitter units. Transmitter inside refrigerator truck can be installed. Receiver is able to handle 2 transmitters and send data to the RS485 interface.

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