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Generator Fuel Monitoring and Tracking

Epaging offers Remote Control Of Gensets With Fuel Monitoring Solutions with exceptional features.




Diesel generator sets (gensets) supply regular and emergency electrical power across many industries and situations, from factories to field hospitals. Interruptions to power can mean the difference between profit and loss, or even life and death. Increasingly, genset operators are using sophisticated remote solutions to monitor fuel usage, control generators in inaccessible locations and optimize performance




As higher demand for power puts pressure on outdated grids, particularly in emerging economies1, backup generators are critical in supporting industry and infrastructure.

In Pakistan, businesses experience a staggering 33.8% loss in sales value annually because of rolling blackouts2. A study of power outages in the USA from 2000 to 2012 concluded that the amount of time customers are left without electricity during outages has increased by 5 -10%3. Blackouts are predicted to increase in severity worldwide due to electricity supply and demand patterns.4

Power outages can have devastating effects. In 2017, a power cut at the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, caused 1,400 canceled flights and an estimated $25-50 million income loss for just one affected airline.5 In 2015, a hospital CEO in South Africa faced charges over the death of a patient on life support when a generator ran out of fuel during a power outage.6

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Remote mobile base stations often do not have a mains electricity connection and rely entirely on gensets to function. Gensets are also used as an emergency solution for power outages.


The foundation of our digital world. Data centers cannot afford to stop, as outages would cause chaos across online systems worldwide.
They are usually surrounded by farms of gensets to mitigate the risks of power outages.


Banks cannot afford to close their doors when there is no electricity, as many customers access banking services in bank branches.


Keeping power flowing to the pumps is critical for fuel stations. Without electricity, pumping fuel for customers is impossible.


Gensets are sometimes used as single source of power supply, especially when construction is taking place in a far-flung location.


Power outages stop assembly lines in their tracks, which leads directly to loss of revenue.


Emergency gensets power medical equipment during power outages and are also used to power field hospitals. The consequences of respirators shutting down or outages during surgeries can be truly catastrophic.





We are a leading global developer of complete fuel and fleet management solutions, offering turnkey, best-in-class solutions for remote genset monitoring and management. Our efficient solutions ensure gensets are always ready to perform, avoiding loss of business or even loss of life due to power outages

Optim on-board terminal:

Collects data from the genset administration panel and fuel-level sensors, then sends it to the fuel management system for processing. Terminals are fully tested for resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and vibrations.

LLS fuel-level sensors:

The industry’s most reliable high-precision capacitive fuellevel sensors, including heavy-duty and explosion-proof options. Sensors have the highest possible ingress protection rating, enabling operation in the most extreme conditions. Sensors are installed in the genset fuel tank(s).

Cloud Based Solution :

A cloud-based SaaS fuel and fleet management solution that includes dedicated reports for genset monitoring and allows access to historical and real-time information any time operators are online – including on mobile.

Key Features

Turn generators on/off remotely – Remote control enables operators to turn generators on/off remotely without being present at the genset’s physical location.

Monitor fuel volumes at all times– Monitor fuel volumes at all times to see when refilling is necessary and detect fuel wastage or theft

Uninterrupted operations (no dry panes) – Ensure uninterrupted operations (no dry panes) with notifications when the fuel level dips below a specified threshold, and optimize fuel delivery planning.

Real-time data about genset performance – Access real-time data about genset performance according to a wide range of pre-defined parameters, making it easier to schedule maintenance or replacements.

Predictive maintenance – Find out immediately when monitored parameters change, enabling predictive maintenance. Operators can fix minor issues before an emergency happens.

Analyze the genset load – Monitoring makes it possible to analyze the genset load and pinpoint low-performing generators that are increasing the load on others.

Streamline maintenance planning – Streamline maintenance planning with notifications (monitoring of engine hours and alerts when next maintenance is due).

Genset manufacturers can install equipment – Genset manufacturers can install equipment in generators directly from the assembly line to offer customers added value and convenience

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