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Cross Platform DB Synchronization

Cross Platform DB Synchronization

Migrate Your Data Fast With Confidence.




Cross Platform DB Synchronization allows you to compare and synchronize data across databases of different types. You can use the tool for performing data migrations, auditing data or copying data in databases.

With its intuitive user interface and fast comparison routines, the tool gives you the full picture of all data differences in just a few seconds. The tool can compare and synchronize data between any of the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access and PostgreSQL (e.g. compare and synchronize an Oracle database with a MySQL database). Unlike other cross platform tools, Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB does not use a 'middle layer' such as ODBC to get access to the data in the database. Our tool uses more reliable native connections and automatically uses data conversion routines when the source and destination data is of a different type.

Compare data for selected tables in two databases, view differences and publish the data changes (synchronize) quickly and safely. You can generate a synchronization script or apply the changes on the destination database directly. Flexible comparison options enable you to control the way the comparison routines work. Custom mappings of tables and columns are allowed. Column data types don't have to match. Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB will convert the data automatically in such a way that it can be compared.

Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB will save you long hours of manual work, providing you with a fast synchronization tool. You can also automate your comparison and synchronization processes with the included command line utility.

Cross Platform DB Synchronization

Key Features

Database connectivity – Multiple database supported like oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS access, SQLite and more.

Compare data across databases of different types– For example: compare a MS SQL 2008 database with an Oracle 11 database.

Compare selected fields– You don't have to compare all fields in a table. You can define which fields to compare. Unique is that that does not mean that you cannot synchronize excluded fields. You can always synchronize a field, even if it was not included in the list of fields to compare

Fast comparison of large databases – Optimized memory usage and comparison routines make Datanamic DataDiff CrossDB one of the fastest products for large databases.

Partial synchronization – Partial synchronization allows you to synchronize only selected columns and/or only selected records.

Synchronize binary data – Synchronization fo binary data is supported when you synchronize directly on the database.

Warnings on record level for potential errors during synchronization – Warnings appear in the comparison results grid when synchronization might lead to invalid data. This is the case when the destination field for example requires a value but the value that is gonna be inserted is a NULL value.

Visual representation of differences – A side-by-side, colour-coded comparison overview makes it easy to pinpoint at a glance similarities and differences between two database objects.

Status filtering – Filter the comparison results based on the status (identical, different, etc...) of the compared object.

Automated comparison and synchronization – A command line utility is included to automate your data compare and synchronize process.

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