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Agriculture and Livestock Management

Farm Management Software System




We develop easy to use farm management software system cover-up all enterprises. We are helping hundreds offarmers simplify their farm record keeping, Maintain their audit and accreditation needs and development the productivity of their farms.
Farm management system helps farmer’sreports and track farm system, from beginning to sale and total in between. While farm best often refers to Bovine animals, it can also mention to additional animals such as Hens, pigs, goats, and also rabbits. Farm management systemmerchandise offer animal inventory management, from total of farm to height, weight, health, and fertility. Farm management system may supply feed costing and accomplished metrics. Often, farm management systems may keep reporting capabilities to best inform users. They also offer commercial tracking to document profits from farm sales. These products may exist together with crop management products or be a part of huge farm management systems.
To prepare for inclusion in the Farm Management category, a product must:

  • Keep recorded data of cattle from birth to sale
  • Offer inventory management for farm movements and quantitative
  • Optimize profit by providing granular awareness into the feeding of farm

Key Features

Save Time – Recorded stock movements, paddock sprayer and tick off activity all as they are finish in the paddock - with or without an internet access connection.

Reporting and accreditation– Use the Portal to make reports, acceptable accreditation and audit necessity and make informed achievement-based decisions.

Increase productivity – Make data-driven decisions depend on your farm data. Growth the productivity of each and every one on the farm.

Full farm record keeping – Full farm recorded keeping in your canned, on the go and down.

Reports – You enter records, we very take care of the reports, including the cost of production, gross margin, data visualization and audit.

Inventory management – Keeping track of feed, fertilizer and chemical inventory is easily.

Task management – Whether it is just you or you are a part of a team member, you need to know what is happening on your farm and how it is getting done.

Biosecurity plans – We have worked with industry bodies to help you protect your farm and the industry.

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